Terry Vosbein has compiled and created an absolutely incredible compilation of the Stars, Artists and Songs performed in the Stan Kenton Concert in Miniature and Concert Encores broadcasts. This compilation was created by Terry actually listening to every single broadcast I sent him. At present this includes all of the "Concert Encores" programs and all of the "Concert in Miniature" programs through episode 47 from June 2nd, 1953. I just sent him the remaining broadcasts and he tells me he will beginning listening and compiling the details on those soon. Eventually, I will be incorporating some of this information into my own Broadcast Log, but it will never be as detailed and complete as in Terry's compilation. To view Terry's Project, click here: Stan Kenton Concert details.

As I mentioned before, this is an absolutely unbelievable work of art. If you agree with me (and who wouldn't), please let Terry know his efforts are appreciated. You may contact Terry at tvosbein@mac.com

For a lot more interesting stuff, you may also visit Terry's Website by going to http://www.vosbein.com

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