Ordering The Stan Kenton Compact Discs

Please note: Our transfer and restoration project is nearly completed. All programs are available for purchase now and will be shipped beginning Monday, November 12th, 2007.

At this time, all programs may still be ordered for the complete CD as listed in The Programs on Compact Disc section at our special price of 12.00 per CD until further notice. In addition we will once again institute our "Custom CD Service" at our regular charge of $16.00 per CD. Shipping and handling in the United States is a flat $5.50 per order. International shipping is $2.00 plus the actual shipping charges.

To order, simply click here Order@OTRSite.com and supply:

We accept checks, money orders, cash, all major credit cards and PayPal (Jerry@otrsite.com). We will also be happy to bill you if you prefer.

Just one more thing. The one person you need to thank for making these programs available is Ken Parsons. Once Ken discovered I had these programs, he has preasured me gently, but relentlessly to dig them out, transfer and restore them. Without Ken, there is a good chance that I may have never started this project. In addition, I'm really happy that I have now made a new friend in Ken.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at Jerry@OTRSite.com or JerryHaendiges@charter.net
Phone: 562-696-4387

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